The Table

When we think of people in the abstract or as adherents to certain views and organizations, it's easy to dehumanize them. But the table is all about relationship. Jesus basically ate his way through the Gospels, bringing people together as he shared meals with them. The table pulls us away from judgment and division and calls us to sit and celebrate together.

Reading Plans

The closer we get to Jesus, the more we put the inner jackass to death. Scripture is meant to reveal Jesus to us, to help us get a clearer picture of his heart. We can use the Bible as a weapon, or we can allow it to shape us.


Prayer has an inherent anti-jackass quality. It places us in a position of dependency. No one becomes a jackass because they’ve been spending a lot of time in prayer. So we invite you to pray. Pray about anything. It’s the time with God and the exercise of talking to him about your hopes and concerns that will make a difference. If you need some inspiration on specific prayers, start here.


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